Photos by Pete

The Whirlpool Galaxy

NGC 2024 - the Flame Nebula

m13.jpg (55598 bytes)


Messier Object 13 - the Great Cluster in Hercules


The Blackeye Galaxy




NGC 6946 - Caldwell 12 - the Fireworks Galaxy

Messier Object 27 - the Dumbbell Nebula

M27 is an example of a star that has collapsed and shed its outer shell, creating
a mass of ionized particles.  Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

Messier Object 57 - the Ring Nebula
M57 is another collapsed star with an ionized and illuminated
shell being propelled into space.


Uranus, with 3 moons visible




Luna - Mare Imbrium area



Globular cluster M56 in Cygnus





Dwarf Planet




NGC 6826 - the Blinking Nebula


Neptune and Triton


M11 - The Wild Duck cluster
(This is an "open cluster")


Galaxy NGC 7479



Planetary Nebula NGC 7048




Luna - Tycho crater area


M42 - the Great Orion Nebula



IC 434 - the Horsehead Nebula




 Comet P/17 Holmes

NGC 3166 Galaxy Group





Galaxy M74

Galaxy M81


Comet C/2006 W3 Christensen




Comet 46P-Wirtanen


Open cluster M67


The Sombrero Galaxy


Comet C2009/P1 Garradd




 Messier Object 33 - the Pinwheel Galaxy


Nebula M78 in Orion


Galaxy M 109


NGC 457
the E.T. Cluster



Open cluster M37


Open cluster M38

The Cigar Galaxy


The Double Quasar
(Gravitational lensing)



Globular Cluster M 92

A star goes Nova in the constellation Cygnus


The Pillars of Creation, at
the heart of M 16, the Eagle Nebula


NGC 7331
 the Dear Lick Galaxy Cluster



NGC 6822 - Bernard's Galaxy


Comet C2007N3 Lulin

A Galilean moon   
tranists Jupiter

Galaxy M102
(the Spindle Galaxy)




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