NGC 457 (the E.T. Cluster)

NGC 457 is an open cluster in the constellation Cassiopeia.  It's referred to as the Owl Cluster, the Dragonfly Cluster, and the E.T. Cluster.  (You've got to flip it about 150 to the right to get the asterism right-side-up.)  The two bright stars toward the lower left are eyes, and it certainly reminds me of E.T.

E.T. is a popular cluster to observe visually, but usually only the bright stars are seen.  In this unusual image I've "gone deep" to see hundreds of fainter background stars.
















NGC 457 the E.T. Cluster   North is up
22 Nov 08  21:01 21:22 hrs.
14 Meade LX200GPS @ f/4 thru Astronomik CLS filter
8 X 180 seconds      Meade DSI III Pro binned 2x2    Guided
Wishing Star Observatory     hgp

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