Messier 56 is a globular cluster. 

M56 is one of the less bright Messier globulars, especially lacking the bright core which most globulars have.  The light from this cluster traveled 32,900 years to reach Earth.

22:20 hrs. 30 Jun 08 - 00:11hrs. 1 Jul 08
14" Meade LX200GPS with f/6.3 focal reducer and Meade DSI III Pro camera
8 X 300 second unbinned exposures in Luminance, 6 X 180 second exposures in R, G and B
Guided with DSI IIC, 2 second corrections
Wishing Star Observatory   hgp


The image below was taken 10 months previously and is retained to show my climbing the learning curve.

13 Sep 07, 20:48 hrs.  162 x 15 sec.  14 LX200GPS at f/6.3, 47 frames stacked

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