Dwarf Planet Eris

136199 Eris, is the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system and the ninth-largest body known to orbit the sun directly. It is approximately 2,500 kilometers in diameter and 27% more larger than Pluto.

Eris was first spotted in 2003 but not identified until 2005. It is a Trans Neptunion Object (TNO) native to a region of space beyond the Kuiper belt. Eris has one moon, Dysmonia.   The current distance from the Sun is 96.7 AU, roughly three times that of Pluto. (8.9 billion miles from Earth)  With the exception of some comets  the pair are the most distant known natural objects in the Solar System.

This is my first image of Eris.  Although it is very low resolution I've included it so that you
may see the movement of Eris through 3 successive images taken over a week's time.



















Sunday, 16 Nov 08, 20:55 hrs
14" Meade LX200GPS @ f/4
Meade DSI III Pro, guided
A single 5-minute exposure was taken before cloud rolled in, so this is a very "noisy" image
Wishing Star Observatory  HGP

Wednesday, 19 Nov 08, 21:52 - 22:13 hrs
14" Meade LX200GPS @ f/4
10 x 120 second   Meade DSI III Pro, guided
Wishing Star Observatory  HGP

Saturday, 22 Nov 08  19:53 20:29 hrs  
14 Meade LX200GPS @ f/4 thru Astronomik CLS filter
13 X 180 seconds   Meade DSI III Pro binned 2x2    Guided
Wishing Star Observatory     hgp

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