The Blackeye Galaxy - Messier object 64 (NGC 4826 in Coma Berenices)

The conspicuous dark structure is a prominent dust feature obscuring the stars behind.   This dark dust feature was discovered by William Herschel who observed M64 twice in 1785 and 1789, and already compared it to a "Black Eye."   The distance of this galaxy seems to be not very well determined, and a "best guess" puts it at 19 million light-years.

Messier 64   May 22 & 23, 2008, 22:20 - 01:14 hrs
Meade 14 LX200GPS @ f/3.3, Meade DSI III Pro, 55F air temp.
16 X 120 sec L, RGB binned 2 X 2, 10 X 60 sec ea  R, G & B - all  with integrated dark frames. 
80mm Orion f/11.3 guidescope with Meade DSI II Color 2 sec exposures/corrections
Stacked in Registax, processed in PhotoShop
Wishing Star Observatory                                             hgp

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