03:00 hours 11/20/07

Checking my image (left) against the a computer generated Mars Previewer II version (right) things match perfectly.

Lots of north polar ice cap, and Syrtis Major stands out very clearly. My image is an automatic post processing of over 6000 avi frames using K3CCD Tools.

14" Meade LX200 GPS, with ToUCam at prime focus.  


23:25 hours 24 Dec 07

While watching for Santa I put my ToUcam on the 14" (3500mm prime focus) and took a peek at Mars.  The planet's rotation almost matches the above image done a few days earlier, but lacks the quality.  Again, my image is on the left.

6300 images were taken at 30 frames/second with 1/1500 second exposures.

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