NGC 6822 (Bernard's Galaxy) 

This is an irregular galaxy in our local group (1.8 million light years distant). Although its 9.3 magnitude its light is highly diffused over a 16 arc-minute section of sky, rendering it pretty darned challenging. The moon is down, but the galaxy is low in the south. Perhaps Im tired and plan on going in early tonight, or perhaps Im racing the moon, because I opt for binning the chip, rendering the camera 4-times more sensitive than usual.

NGC 6822   18 Oct 08, 20:09 20:30 hrs.
Meade 14 LX200GPS @ f/2.0 Meade
DSI III Pro binned 2X and cooled to 12C, Astronomik CLS filter, 15 X 90 seconds,

Note 15.9 magnitude galaxy PGC 63596 just a few arc minutes from 6822 and at the 1 a clock position.

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