Wishing Star Observatory

4145'41.3" North
7117'57.3" West

Wishing Star Observatory is a privately owned astronomical observatory situated in Barrington RI, USA.

Observatory Missions include:
    *To function as a research and development facility for  the test of new astronomical hardware.
    *To serve the scientific community by providing precision photometric and astrometric data from observations of asteroids and comets.
  To this end, Wishing Star  is designated by the Harvard/Smithsonian Minor Planet Center as observatory site I15.
*To serve as an instructional facility so as to promote a deeper public awareness.  To this end the Observatory is associated with local adult education centers.
    *A place of meditation for myself and friends "that stills our noise long enough to allow us to hear something beyond ourselves.

This dome houses a 14-inch aperture Schmidt Cassagrain telescope.  It represents the cumulation of a lifetime of stargazing and wonder. 

Pete Peterson 

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