Astronomical Society of Southern New England

ASSNE is a very active and somewhat informal organization of 100+ members.  

The club motto is "To Educate and Inspire", and as such we hold numerous free public events at different venues throughout South Eastern New England each year.  These events vary in size: "The Telescopes at Waterfire Providence" and Astronomy Days where we accommodate more than 1000 people; School events where we show the stars to between 100 and 500 people; and small group events such as working with a scout troop or doing sidewalk astronomy.  

ASSNE owns no facilities - the club meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth, and if its a clear night there will be a dozen telescopes set up in the dark field behind the museum.  Visitors are always welcome.

ASSNE members come from as far north as Boston, as far south as Kingston RI, as far east as the Cape, and as far west as Smithfield RI.  Club members meet informally throughout the month to observe together - sometimes at each other's homes and sometimes at an area dark site.  We have a good representation at any New England "camp and observe" events such as Stellafane or Arunah Hill Days, and hold some overnight events on our own.  Of course we also gather to view special astronomical events.

Membership consists of folks from all walks of life and with all levels of astronomical knowledge, ranging from rank beginner to sophisticated people with credited discoveries.


Skyscrapers (aka Amateur Astronomical Society of Rhode Island )

Skyscrapers is a relatively old organization with a large site and facilities in North Situate, RI .  The primary facility is the historic Seagrave Observatory, but there are 3 additional large scopes on site.  While being a member, I'm not as active with Skyscrapers as I am with ASSNE, simply because I'm spread pretty thin.  Skyscrapers does many public observing nights, has some wonderful field trips and is composed of very knowledgeable amateur astronomers..

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